The Known World

The known world of Tarth is surprisingly small, consisting of Valusia to the East, Kos to the West, the Dragon Isles to the South and the Dread Mountains and the White Towns to the North.

Valusia is bordered by the sea to the East and South sides, the Dread Mountains to the North and Kos to the West.

Kos is bordered to the North by a Sea of Glaciers, to the East by Valusia, and to the West by the Goeti Desert. To the south Kos is bordered by the sea.

The Dragon Isles, some five hundred miles to the South West of Valusia are arranged on the equator of the planet.

Every locale has rumors of lands beyond. The tribes of the White Towns talk of a wild, dark forest across the snowy wastes. Valusians, particularly the wayfaring halflings talk of shipwrecks from a continent halfway around the world, while the Kosians say the Goeti Desert bars the way to kingdoms of riches beyond imagining. Even the natives of the Dragon Isles speak of other islands far to the East and West. It has even been said that far to the South is a continent that mirrors Valusia and the rest of Tarth.

Despite these tales, the people of Tarth have been so often at war with one another since the Scourge that few have had the means or bravery to try and push the boundaries of the world map.

The Known World

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