• Hammon Marshal

    Hammon Marshal

    Tall, wirey man with salt and pepper hair. He is usually covered in soot.
  • Hesson (Hessie) Silvan

    Hesson (Hessie) Silvan

    Tall, thin old woman with white hair and a hard lined face. She wears two pistols under her apron.
  • Lord Gerald Redspar

    Lord Gerald Redspar

    A well-muscled man in his 60's. He has deep red hair and a thick beard. He wears practical, unassuming clothing.
  • Merriweather Humeld

    Merriweather Humeld

    65 year old human man with short, white hair and a pale complection.
  • Sheila Dunolm

    Sheila Dunolm

    42 year old woman of average looks and build, dark brown eyes. Dark brown hair with gray strands.
  • The Grabroots

    The Grabroots

    A thin, mild, balding man, a chubby, fair haired, opinionated woman, and a 9 year old blonde girl.