Thirty-Seven Moons

•Thirty-Seven moons have passed and we have left the hamlet of Dyrinak with a new companion. The female fisherman was so pleased with Ra’Jirri’s work in restoring peace to the spirits of her swamp that she has decided to accompany him. Alas, Ra’Jirri finds her lack of fur unappealing and so, with the grace only a Khajiit could display, Ra’Jirri was able to nimbly deflect her advances. Still reeling from the pain of rejection, the female wasted little time in throwing herself upon the Northman’s bed. Now, as we travel to the village of Orwell, she follows him around like a dog on a short leash. Ra’Jirri is happy that she has found a new love so quickly.

•Thirty-Eight moons have passed and our stay in Orwell was brief, yet Ra’Jirri thinks the villagers will remember our stay for quite some time. After all, very few have the honor to tailor clothing fit for a Khajiit. And last night, some of the townsfolk drank in Ra’Jirri’s honor after the Northman purchased drinks for everyone. If honor can be purchased so easily in the lands of the Human, then Ra’Jirri should no problems building his reputation. Also, the Northman has found another mate. Human romance confounds this one.

•[Hastily scrawled]: On the day of the thirty-ninth moon, Ra’Jirri has little time to write and must make this entry brief. The Red Lord’s sword has been returned but trouble looms in the village of Millet. Ra’Jirri and his companions are to command a small force and engage the Orc marauders responsible for sacking this village. Ra’Jirri embarks within the hour and prays for the spirits to watch over him and his companions.

Ra'Jirri's Journal: Life without Home

• Twenty moons have passed since Ra’Jirri has left home and already Ra’Jirri wishes he could return. The warm sands have now given way to dirt and rock and Ra’Jirri’s path is constantly obscured by the shade of these great trees. Ra’Jirri can feel the cold winds sweeping through the woods, but at least Ra’Jirri has plenty of places to hide.

• Twenty-Five moons now and Ra’Jirri finds himself in strange company. A Halfling caravan leader known as Button has allowed Ra’Jirri to travel with this group provided that Ra’Jirri helps protect the wares. Button says the caravan is heading to The City of Heroes, seemingly a good enough place for Ra’Jirri to find honor once more. Furthermore, Ra’Jirri will receive 100 suns for his help. At first, Ra’Jirri thought this to be a jest until he learned that a “sun” is a small, golden disc and is the largest of the human currency. Strange that something so beautiful is so often hidden away in a cloth bag, but such is the human way. Ra’Jirri knows that he will have to earn many of these suns if he is to accomplish anything in this new world.

• Twenty-Seven moons have passed. Ra’Jirri has been tasked with protecting the front-most portion of the caravan. The caravan carries so many goods that large, lumbering beasts must be used to pull it all. Ra’Jirri thinks this is silly and only invites an attack. Khajiit caravans travel very lightly, and very quietly. It also helps that the Khajiit are often more fearsome than would-be attackers. Still, Ra’Jirri does not need to be a seer to know that bandits will be along sooner or later.

• Twenty-Eight moons have passed. Everything has been quiet so far, or at least that is what the humans here continue to tell Ra’Jirri. Ra’Jirri knows quiet, and this troupe of oxen, carriages, and loud-mouthed humans is anything but quiet. Least of all is the Northman, whom they say was not born but rather unearthed from beneath the mountain. Ra’Jirri knows that only stone and metal come from the mountain, and the Northman is too loud to be either. Were Ra’Jirri to guess, he would say that the spirits of thunder resided within this one.

• Thirty moons have passed and today the caravan had come under siege, just as Ra’Jirri knew would happen. A band of orcs and goblins assaulted the caravan, killing several of its guardians. Ra’Jirri and his group were able to defend their carriage from these marauders, leaving not a single one alive. The Northman hunts well, beating Ra’Jirri to the final quarry, but he does not savor the hunt like a Khajiit would. No, the Northman is wild and unpredictable; capable of killing both friend and foe during his fits of rage. Ra’Jirri thinks it may be best to stay far away from the Northman during his frenzy. The Kossian, another caravan guardian, fought well today also. His blades cut through the air with exacting purpose, as if guided by the wind spirits themselves. Ra’Jirri believes he may have more in common with this one than the brutish Northman.

• Thirty-two moons have passed and the caravan has arrived at a human settlement. Here, Button will set up shop for a few days and the services of his guardians will not be needed during that time. Most have gone off on their merry way, leaving Ra’Jirri, the Kossian, and the Northman behind to do whatever they please. Ra’Jirri is unfamiliar the Human customs, so he must stay close to the others to prevent any misunderstandings.

• Thirty-three moons have passed and Ra’Jirri feels a little sickly. Last night the Northman and the Kossian decided to take Ra’Jirri to a tavern. Ra’Jirri had heard of such places where humans fill their bellies with drink, trade insults, and then ultimately pummel one another. Begrudgingly, Ra’Jirri accompanied them and must admit that the atmosphere was much less hostile than he expected. Although, even alongside his human companions, Ra’Jirri continues to have a hard time being accepted and the bartender’s hesitation to serve Ra’Jirri is just another indication of this. In the end, it may not have been the worst idea to simply leave as Ra’Jirri has found that “fire water” is far from his favorite beverage. Yet somehow, Ra’Jirri managed to spend several suns downing this bitter drink. Now, his belly is uneasy, his breath smells foul, and his wits are still somewhat dulled. By the looks of the Northman, Ra’Jirri wonders just how many times he has done this to himself…and how many more times he will continue to do it.

• Thirty-five moons have passed and Ra’Jirri finds himself in the midst of one of the most spiritually condemned places he has ever had the displeasure of visiting. If trudging through miles of mud and muck were not bad enough, the overwhelming smell of decay has made Ra’Jirri slightly nauseated. As Ra’Jirri writes this, his companions are resting from the wounds they received just hours ago. The spirits here are angry with the humans and had sent forth a group of bloated lizard men to drive these humans away. The humans, however, are intent to stay and have fought off these troglodytes with our help. Still, many humans were slain and Ra’Jirri believes that fleeing may be their best option. But humans are often stubborn and generally unwilling to follow the guidance of spirits.

• Thirty-six moons have passed now and Ra’Jirri must give thanks for remaining in the good graces of the spirit world. If not for them, Ra’Jirri and his companions may well have been consumed by the evil earth spirits that formerly resided deep in this swamp. Manifesting in the form of fungal spores, these earth spirits were powerful indeed to replicate and control those that they infect. Why, even a mighty dragon had become enslaved by these spirits. In the end, the spirits of fire would lend their aid to defeat this evil and restore balance. Though relieved to no longer be burdened by this terror, many of the villagers are left to grieve for those whom cannot return in their physical form. Ra’Jirri will place a rune stone so their spirits will find the way home. May they return safely and watch over their loved ones.


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